Biota Holdings Limited (BTA)

Biota is an anti-infective drug development company, based in Melbourne, Australia.  Since its initial public offering in 1985, Biota has evolved from a one program research company to a diversified drug discovery and development company with a portfolio of clinical and pre-clinical programs.

Biota receives royalties from two marketed products: Relenza™ (zanamivir) which is partnered globally with GSK; and Inavir® (laninamivir), a second generation influenza drug co-owned with Daiichi Sankyo and marketed by Daiichi Sankyo in Japan.

Key products in development comprise: laninamivir, which is being developed under a contract with BARDA in the US, which is intended to result in a new drug application to the FDA in 2016; vapendavir, which has completed Phase IIb studies designed to establish the effect of the drug on cold symptoms in asthmatics; and RSV, a preclinical, small molecule antiviral intended to provide prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection.

Melbourne, Australia
Market Cap:
$107 million
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